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Posted: 2017

Details to be confirmed.


Stacey Wiseman - email address should read

Emma Boardman - email address should read

Christopher Bartram-Lawton - address should read 5 Bibby Street

JUDGES - Judges Membership due 20th October 2018  

Judges Membership runs 1st November – 31st October as per competing memberships do.  However we ask that Judges send their application for membership to Emma Hore with the current forms by 1st October.  This enables us to prepare the Judges List in good to for the following seasons Shows. Please contact Emma Hore at or telephone 01522 703784

The following rule agreed by the CHAPS Board in 2010 was omitted from the new Members Handbook and is included under ;

Page 27 - under Guidelines and Rules for Judges, section - Judges: within the section starting on Page 26 - “CHAPS Judges must not knowingly:” - add: e) Judge any horse/pony that is or has beenowned, bred, produced, or exhibited by themselves or immediate family or business partner.(Immediate family - grandparents, parents/parents’ partners, husband/wife and partners, brothers and sisters, sons/daughters, step grandparents, step parents, step brother/sister, legal guardians,father-/mother-/sister- and/or brother-in-laws).

Furthermore the following was also agreed
Page 5 Members Handbook 2011, Rule 7 – Exhibitors (riders/handlers) must not exhibit a horse or pony under a judge that would constitute a breach of CHAPS rules as laid down in the Handbook under the “Guidance and Rules for Judges” section, subsection “Rules”, sections a,b,c,d and/or e“

Do you have an up to date Members' Handbook - complete with additional update pages?
If not please send SAE (Large Letter Stamp) to Emma Hore CHAPS (UK) Judges Admin, Grange Cottage, North Scarle Road, Wigsley, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 7EU.

RULE CHANGE Posted: 29 Nov 2012
In view of rising fuel costs and the increasing geographical spread of CHAPS Judges and their commitments on other panels, the rule on conference attendance requirements has been changed with immediate effect.

Attendance at conference is now required at least once in every 5 years, not once in every 3 years as stated in the rule book.

STALLION DISCS - UPDATE Posted: 29 Nov 2012
Update on Stallion Discs following Judges' Conference 27/02/11

Discs for First Stage Approved stallions are currently issued in yellow to bring them to the attention of judges and stewards as they are date limited and should be checked for validity. Any issues arising from the different colour coding of discs should be notified to CHAPS and the colour coding will be reviewed at the next reprint of discs.

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