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Frequently Asked Questions Section

Below are frequently asked questions – please read through before emailing CHAPS (UK) to help you with your queries..
Q. How do I become a member of CHAPS(UK)?

A. Complete the membership application form that can be downloaded from the website homepage, taking out the package that best suits your needs. Application can also be made online using the Paypal page - before using this facility it is highly recommended that the Paypal Information page is read. The Paypal page should not be used as a download and printed off for submission to CHAPS.
Q. How do I register my horse with CHAPS(UK)?

A. CHAPS(UK) can register all coloured horses and ponies irrespective of known pedigree or not - just complete the Horse Registration Application Form that can be downloaded from the website. It is a DEFRA requirement that as from 1st July 2009 all applications for passports, whether for foals or older horses that do not hold a passport, must be microchipped. Please ensure that the microchip number and bar code are shown on the silhouette. Any applications received on or after 1st July 2009 without a microchip will be returned to the applicant. Foals: legally, all foals should have a passport before they are 6 months old, or before the 31st December of the calendar year in which they are born, whichever is the latter, or before they are moved from their place of birth permanently. All horses that fail to meet these criteria will be deemed as late registrations and will be issued with a replacement passport which Section II signed out. Additionally, if using a CHAPS covering certificate, all foals should be registered before the end of the year of birth in order to gain verified parentage. Applications received for foals after the end of the year of birth will be seen as late registrations, and as such would require DNA verification of parentage and will be subject to a higher registration fee (use and complete the horse registration application form and the covering certificate should be attached). Any foal gotten by "artificial" means will require DNA verification of parentage. It is a recommendation that foals should firstly be registered with the society that issued the covering certificate in order that the stallion is fully recognised and his studbook number and parentage verified. Always ensure that you are using the correct and current forms!!
Q. Do I have to be a member to show in CHAPS classes?

A. The only qualifier classes that are "closed" and are for our showing members and their CHAPS registered horses are our HOYS qualifiers. All other qualifier classes are open to members and non-members alike. However, showing membership and horse registration must be in place to take CHAPS Championship Show qualifiers, the qualifier card being issued with the membership and MUST without fail be signed in the ring by the judge at the time of qualifying. CHAPS Winter Qualifiers give some days grace for anyone who qualifies (refer to qualifier card), and these cards are awarded in the ring. Follow the instructions on the cards to secure your place in the finals! No ungraded stallion 4 years old and over is allowed to compete in any CHAPS class. No qualifier card will be issued to a Junior - all horses must be registered in the name of an adult and, as both owner and rider/handler must be showing members to apply, cards will only be issued to adults. Any transfer of ownership must be notified, which includes those of overstamped passports. There are no foal qualifiers - our Foal Futurity at the Championship Show is open to all coloured foals sired by a CHAPS(UK) stallion or any non-coloured stallion approved by any recognised Breed Society (see appropriate Ch Show Schedule)
Q. My horse already has a passport – how do I register it with CHAPS(UK)?

A. Use the Overstamp Application form. It is illegal for horses to have more than one passport! Overstamps take approximately 10 working days. Before submitting any passport for overstamping, it should be ensured that it shows you as the registered owner as confirmed by the issuing office of the passport. Any passport that does not show the applicant as the recognised registered owner will be returned. The overstamp must reflect the registered name of the horse as shown in the passport - this may not differ, although roman numerals may be added at the end if there are already horses registered on our own database carrying the same name. Any passport that is received for overstamping where there is improper use of a prefix will be queried and possibly the application refused. Transfers of ownership of overstamped passports should be notified to CHAPS by forwarding a copy of the ownership page as signed off by the issuing office to confirm that it has been administered in the correct manner - there is no fee for this notification.
Q. How do I get a passport for my horse?

A. By completing the Horse Registration Application form as described above – this will give you a passport. It is illegal to sell a horse without a passport! To produce a passport takes approximately 3 weeks providing there is no query. If you have a horse without a passport and suddenly have to move it or wish to go to a show/travel, CHAPS accepts no responsibility!
Notification of DEFRA Minimum Operating Standards for UK approved passport issuing organisations

Please be advised of the following, effective 1st January 2016, to which all PIOs must adhere:

Organisations are expected to report any offence under or breach of the Regulations cited to the horse passports enforcement authority for the area that the organisation is based so that they can decide whether enforcement action is needed. This includes where an organisation has received information suggesting that any of the following may have occurred:

i) Where a passport is applied for outside of the statutory time limit (6 months of birth or before 31 December in the year of birth, whichever is the later). This is with the exception of rescued equines and those who have purchased a horse without a passport.
ii) Where a passport is applied for when one already exists for that animal.
iii) Failure of a new owner to update owner details within 30 days. This applies regardless of the length of time the person was in possession of the equine. This includes notification of loan/lease or similar (be reminded that a passport is NOT a deed of ownership), and notification of death of the animal.
iv) Failure of an owner to return a passport for updating within 6 weeks of notification that the passport does not meet the current legal requirements.
v) Signs of unofficial changes to passport details, tampering or fraud should be discussed with the enforcement authority for that territory.
Any CHAPS issued passports that do not contain Section IX should be returned to CHAPS(UK) Admin office as soon as possible: without this update the passport is no longer valid. Fee for this update is £15.00 which includes VAT and recorded delivery return. All such passports will be returned with Section IX, Section II after 1.1.2016, signed and stamped to declare the equine is not intended for human consumption.

All Duplicate and Replacement passports will have Section IX “(Section II after 1.1.2016) signed and stamped as the equine not intended for human consumption, as will all passports where a loss of ownership history is apparent.

In all cases where a passport is updated or issued for an equine whose original transponder (applicable to equidae identified after 30.6.2009) has failed will be signed and stamped in Section IX, Section II after 1.1.2016, by the organisation to declare the equine as not intended for human consumption.
Q. I've lost my horse's passport - what do I do?

Should your passport be lost or destroyed, then the registered owner (and only the registered owner) must inform CHAPS(UK) immediately giving details in writing using the "Lost Passport" from which can be downloaded from this website.  As from 1st January 2016, legislation requires that your vet MUST complete a new veterinary description confirming the microchip number.  If the horse is not microchipped, then this must be inserted by the vet at the same time.  This completed form should be forwarded to CHAPS(UK) along with a photograph of the horse side on and the fee of £50.00.  A duplicate passport can then be issued

Q. How do I get covering certificates for my stallion?

A. Owners/managers of CHAPS graded stallions must be up to date members, and the application form used to apply for covering certifcates (available from Administration). Covering certificates are year dated and numbered in order to keep strict track of them, and all stallion returns must be forwarded to Admin by the end of November of the year of covering. They cannot be issued retrospectively. AI nominationation forms are free of charge and must be submitted alongside a covering certificate. It is highly recommended that CEM tests are performed at the beginning of each season, and a copy of the results forwarded with the application form for covering certificates. EVA testing is also recommended. Applications made for covering certificates by non-members or horses that are not graded/licenced with CHAPS(UK) will be refused.
Q. How much...?

A. All fees are laid out on the downloadable forms and on the "Prices At A Glance" page
Q. Can I register my Appaloosa/ Spot/ Dun/ Palomino with CHAPS(UK)?

A. No – refer to homepage of this website for the definition of a coloured horse in line with CHAPS(UK) criteria
Q. I cannot get hold of CHAPS(UK) on the telephone

A. Admin office phone line is open between 10.00am – 4.00pm. Keep an eye on the website for notifications of when the offices may be closed for holidays, shows, etc. A list of council members is also shown on the website with their respective “job descriptions”, and may be contacted at any time with regard to any queries related to their particular field
Q. I have just bought a horse with a CHAP(UK) passport, how do I transfer the ownership?

A. By legislation, all transfer of ownerships must be notified to the PIO within 30 days of purchase. All CHAPS(UK) passports are provided with a transfer of ownership form. Our older passports will have this as a loose leaf form (if it is missing or lost, it can be downloaded from our website) and this must be completed by the vendor and the purchaser and forwarded with the passport and fee to CHAPS(UK) Administration. Newer passports will have the transfer page fixed within. This must be signed off by the vendor and the new purchaser's details filled in before forwarding to CHAPS(UK) Admin along with the current fee. There is no need to complete the loose leaf form in addition to completing this page as it is only a duplication of the information. In cases where there is missing history of ownership within the passport or details have been entered that have not been authorised and stamped by CHAPS(UK), a written declaration can be made by the new owner declaring that they own the horse, stating when it was purchased and who from. A copy of the receipt of purchase (which is the only legal piece of paper that will prove purchase) should be attached. Failing a receipt being obtained, then a self-declaration will be accepted as a last resort. No transfer of ownership will be accepted for any horse that has been notified as being on loan/lease (which is treated the same as a transfer of ownership) and that loan/lease has not been notified as ceased; the transfer/receipt must be made out by the registered owner.
Q. I cannot download the forms on the website

A. Try saving the form before printing. If this does not work, please send an s.a.e. to CHAPS(UK) for hardcopies to be forwarded.
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